Saturday, 14 January 2017

Notification of intent to adopt submitted

We are one step closer to finalising J's adoption.

We submitted our 60 day notification of intent to adopt on January 12, so March 12 is the first possible day that the adoption order can be submitted to the family court. We officially could have submitted the notification on December 12, however the adoption order can't be submitted until DCP have finished their placement report which needs another two visits and then time to write the report up and get it approved, so the delay isn't actually a delay at all.

Fingers crossed, it wont take long once the paperwork is all submitted and late March/early April it will all be finalised! I can't wait to finally share a photo of our beautiful little boy.


  1. Yay! So exciting! I can't wait to see the picture of you guys as a family. Have you totally adjusted to being a mom now or do you still feel like it's new and you're learning a lot?

  2. So exciting!! We can't wait to see him!


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