Friday, 30 October 2015

Endometrial Scratch & SA test results

This morning I had an endo (endometrial) scratch, which is essentially causing a deliberate injury (scratch) to the lining of the uterus, in the hope that the healing process will create a more receptive environment for embryos to implant in the following IVF cycle. There are some recent studies on it which are quite interesting

I took two Nurofen Plus tablets at 8.30am and then headed in for my 9am appointment with the specialist. It is very similar to getting a pap smear - you lie down with your bottom half clothes off, and they insert a speculum. My Dr also did a pap smear for me since I was due for one which was helpful.

Then came the tough bit, the scratch itself. I won't sugarcoat it - it was painful. I had to do lots of deep breathing and there was no way I could relax my body during it. People that say it is a 'mild discomfort' are lying through their teeth or else had a VERY different experience to me! In saying that, the local pain was only while it was being done (maybe 60 seconds?), then some mild cramping for a couple of minutes, and then just a little achy for an hour after that.

I had a long nap when I got home, most likely due to the effects of the codeine, and this afternoon I have felt fairly normal. The Dr said that I possibly will have a bit of spotting as their was some contact bleeding during the pap smear, but nothing to be worried about. So all in all, it was worth doing, although I can see why it isn't a first line treatment for new IVF'ers.

My specialist also gave us some really good news - Murray's DNA fragmentation test results had come in and they were only 6%!!! Considering they were once at 35%, that is a massive improvement and is now completely normal! The Dr asked what we had been doing and I explained that he had lost about 12kg since July, and has also been taking Blackmores Conceive Well for Men, which has antioxidants in it (which he hates taking but I make him take!), and she said for him to keep doing it because it is working! He is also on an alcohol ban until he gives his sample on the egg collection day, so hasn't been drinking for the last few weeks, along with me, so that we give everything our best shot. 

We are due to start IVF in about a week or so once my period arrives, which could be any time either next week or the following week. We have a big event coming up though - our tenth wedding anniversary! We are renewing our vows at a picnic ceremony in a local park on November 14, so hopefully my period doesn't arrive too soon, as I need to be able to fit into my dress!

In other good news, our 2 year adoption approval has been renewed until 2017. Even though I expected it to be all okay, it was very reassuring to get the letter in the mail this week.

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

All systems go

My blood test today showed that my LH levels are surging  so the doctor wants me to book in for next Friday to have my Endo scratch  done. I'm excited but also a bit nervous about it. The timing of it all also looks like our egg collection will happen just after our 10th wedding anniversary.

For our wedding anniversary we are renewing our wedding vows in front of all of our friends and family. We felt like this was a great opportunity for us to reaffirm our  commitment to our marriage  especially considering all that we have gone through with infertility and childlessness over the past 10 years.

We're having a picnic in the garden and have around 50 people coming along to celebrate with us. I can't wait!

Thursday, 8 October 2015

Adoption interview complete & new house photos!

We had our adoption interview with the agency workers today and it all went really well! We had two ladies come out to interview us and they mainly wanted to know about the new house, how our health is, any changes to our extended family and support systems, our plan to do IVF next month, and of course our finances. We chatted about a couple of different things, and then did a walk around the house to tick off the inspection component. At the end, they said that we will get a letter in the mail once it is all finalised to say that we are approved for another two years! It was a really positive experience, and although we were both nervous beforehand, it was a great relief to have it go so well.

Now I promised a while back that I would post up some photos of the new house, so here they are! I promise my house isn't always this messy!

We are at the back of a triplex development so nice and private and away from the road

The kitchen before we moved in - so pretty and clean!

Lounge and dining before we moved in

The patio and garden area
Lounge area - Charlie tried to get into all of my photos! I had the lights off here which is why it is so dark

The kitchen now it is lived in! I made strawberry and vanilla jam in my thermomix tonight

Our bedroom - I love how big it is, it fits our king-sized bed comfortably with plenty of room to move.
Our ensuite! I love having two basins! Eventually I'd love two replace the two small mirrors with one full size mirror

The spare bedroom which is set up for our nieces and nephews and friends kids when they stay over

The other view of the spare room

And finally the kids bathroom. I bought the raining cats and dogs shower curtain from Society 6 - how cute is it!

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

2 year renewal- adoption interview

On top of all the IVF preparations for next month, we are still progressing our two year renewal for adoption. Our Medicals must have come back fine as they emailed us to book in a time to come and interview us.

Our interview is Thursday afternoon, and one of the ladies who is coming was the very first person we spoke to at Adoptive Services many years ago. I know there will be a house inspection element to the interview so no doubt I will be busy tonight scrubbing the kitchen to make it shine!

Hopefully everything runs smoothly and we get our approval. I am trying to be positive about it- there is no reason for me not to be, but we seem to always be thrown curve balls in these situations so you never know.

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

IVF Appointment- All Systems Go!

We had our IVF appointment with Dr Lucy Williams on Monday. It went really well I think. She was kind and considerate of our long infertility history.  We were able to come up with a plan going forward.

Next cycle we will be doing an IVF/ICSI cycle. We are also going to try an  endometrial scratch on day 21 of this cycle to see if that helps with implantation.  Something I wasn't aware of is that the ICSI procedure is different now than what it used to be say five years ago. Now they use a special technique which helps to identify the best sperm to inject into the egg to fertilise it.  The technique helps to identify spend that does not have DNA damage which of course is the issue we have been trying to address for Murray.

 The doctor is also willing to consider replacing more than one embryo depending on embryo quality of the time of transfer. We aren't quite sure what dose of drugs I should be on so it will be trial and error at the beginning to get the right dosage but hopefully we can get to egg collection  without having the cycle cancelled. So bring on November!