Saturday, 26 September 2015

Public IVF treatment

Our public IVF referral has been approved, and by a stroke of luck, we have managed to get an appointment with the specialist we wanted on October 5th! She had a cancellation that morning, otherwise there would be a 5 month wait to get an appointment. We are seeing Dr Lucy Williams who is the Scientific Director at Concept Fertility. There were two other doctors who I could have seen, but considering that we have had so much treatment in the past, we just wanted to go to the top doctor available.

Murray is currently away on school camp, in a remote indigenous community, about 19 hours drive from Perth. He is having a great time, although it has been particularly challenging in parts. They went hunting for Goanna yesterday (basically a giant lizard for non-Aus people!)

The goanna cooking on the coals
So while he has been away, I've been at home by myself. I had a lovely lunch with a girlfriend of mine, and we did a spot of shopping afterwards, and now I am cleaning up the house while I get ready for the big game - my team the West Coast Eagles are in the preliminary final of the AFL- if they win tonight, they make it to the grand final! Fingers crossed it is a good game.

On that note, better get back to house cleaning!