Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Healing wounds

Time doesn't heal all wounds. It can definitely help to provide perspective, and ease the hurts, but scars are left behind.

Pregnancy announcements shouldn't be able to affect me the way they do. For the most part they (almost) don't. Facebook is the demon of all announcement platforms because people write their one line Congratulations message, along with whatever other pithy message they can think of, and inevitably someone says 'you deserve this'.

And I'm like *whiplash* What now! Back up there, we do not get what we deserve in life. If that was the case, there would be a whole lot of people in the world in very different situations than what they are currently in. And even though I know it is just a platitude, it hurts. Even though I know that it's not about who deserves to have a child, there is still that tiny part of me that says what have I done wrong to deserve childlessness.

I'm fine. It's just one of those days.