Monday, 23 February 2015

Life Update 2015

I didn’t realize how long it had been since I had posted. Life has been full of adventure and experiences over the last few months. We went on our amazing European adventure (that’s a whole other post coming very soon!), the holidays are over for another year, and we have launched back into work and school with gusto. We have also made a huge decision which is to put our house on the market and move closer to our families north of the river. It’s a big move but for a lot of different reasons, we feel that it is the right decision.

No news on the adoption front unfortunately. We have now been approved and in the waiting pool for 15 months. I spoke with the agency before we left for our holiday in December, and a different person had been assigned to our case. There have been 5 children placed in the last 12 months, but none were special needs. The worker said that it was quite slow at the time, with no placements for a little while. She said that the main factors birth parents have been considering for choosing a placement recently are the parents location (metro v regional), whether the prospective parents have other children or are planning to adopt further, and their religion. And that was it really – just that we will need to have our house inspected once we buy a new place, which is standard practice.

Work is crazy busy for both of us, but we are getting through it all, and trying to make time for us to enjoy ourselves. We went to a couple of shows at the Perth Fringe Festival last month, and then an Opera/Musical performance at the State Theatre Centre last week which was just fabulous. 2015 is looking really positive for us.