Tuesday, 4 June 2013


One of the things that I do each year is run our church's team entry into the State Youth Games. As church coordinator I do a lot of running around, getting registrations, organising our team nominations, accomodations, team shirts, fixturing, and then finally on the weekend, supervising and making sure everyone gets to where they need to be.

This past week I have been sick with a cold and chest infection, but there is no time for that at SYG! So onwards we went and it was simply the best weekend. Our team had 32 16-28 year olds (predominantly 16-20 year olds this time round), and we actually took out the Small Church competition! This is huge, especially considering we came dead last in 2012, finishing on -70 points!!! It is incredibly rewarding to get the opportunity to see kids developing friendships, having fun, and not least learn that knowing God or being a christian doesn't have to be boring!

If you want to see some funny stuff, take a look at the video below - including me getting very excited at the end when it was announced that we won!

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