Friday, 1 March 2013

Uni Achievement - with photos!

As you know, I have been studying at uni for the last few years, working towards my degree in Business. I'm still six units away from graduating (well five actually after my summer school exam this morning), but I had a very exciting moment last week, when I was awarded a prize! I won the Accenture award for the best student in Systems Analysis & Design 251, a unit that I completed last year. I was thrilled to bits, and the ceremony was fabulous. Unfortunately Murray couldn't take time off work to attend, but my Mum came along which was lovely.

I was awarded a trophy, certificate and a cheque for $250 which is going straight towards some new work clothes! I've popped some photos in below, I especially love the photo of my Mum and I!

Receiving my award
Discussing graduate programs with pwc

My Mum and I - how gorgeous is my Mumma!


  1. What a great accomplishment! Congrats!

  2. YOU look amazing. :)

    loves from ohio, usa!

  3. Congrats on the award!! You look AMAZING!!


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