Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Holiday Plans

We recently came into a small sum of money as part of a settlement with Murray's previous employer. This money, along with Murray's first paycheck at his new school, has meant we have paid back nearly all of our borrowed money from the last few months while we were on one income, and it will also pay for our ceiling to be re-hung, painted, and a new light fitting put in our kitchen - hurrah!

In addition, we have booked a holiday for ourselves for the July school holidays! We are going to Melbourne first for six nights, and then flying up to Sydney for a further six nights! The main reason for going is that Murray would love to go to a State of Origin (Rugby League) game, and game three of the series happens to be on then. We have managed to get tickets for the game, so he is a happy chappy right now!

Also my brother moved to Sydney in January, so I really would love to catch up with him and see where he is living etc. Melbourne was thrown is as a compromise as I love the city and lifestyle there, and I've never been to the MCG so we are hoping to go to a Friday night game while we are there.

On top of all of that, it is Murray's birthday while we are over there, and it will be my birthday the day after we get back, so it will be nice for us to have a 'celebratory birthday week' for the two of us. We won't be in hotels the whole time.

We have booked three nights in hotels in each city, with the other three nights staying at my brothers place in Sydney (Near the Holsworthy Barracks), and spending three nights in St Kilda at one of Murray's friends houses, so they can work on some songwriting together - one of his favourite past times!

However thanks to that, I will probably have a couple of days to entertain myself in Melbourne - definitely thinking shopping! Any of my Melbournian or Sydney-sider friends that would like to catch up, please drop me a line!

It's so nice to have a holiday to look forward to! Only 4.5 months to go, not that I'm counting of course!

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  1. Enjoy! We're heading to Melbourne for 9 nights in around 8 weeks, Guv hasn't been for over 20 years and I haven't been for about 4 years. So looking forward to exploring a City we both love, together for the first time.



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