Saturday, 15 December 2012

What's been happening in my world?

There really hasn't been a lot going on, hence the lack of posting - sorry about that. We are gearing up for Christmas, and I am officially on holidays until December 27th which I am very happy about. Unfortunately I drew the short straw at work and have to go in on the days between Christmas and New Year, but I will only really be working half days due to my flexi-time, so I guess I can't complain too much!

We have had some great news recently, Murray has been offered a new job for next year at a private Baptist college here in Perth! God works in mysterious ways, and we feel very blessed that this opportunity has arisen at the perfect time for him. To get us through the summer break, Murray has taken on a gig as Santa at the local shopping centre next week! Hopefully I will be able to get a photo with my own personal Santa next week!

So with the week ahead off work, I am planning to take my little nephew William off to the zoo for his first zoo trip! It will be a nice little adventure for him, I personally haven't been to the zoo for around 6 years so it will be great to get there again and have a walk around.

Fertility-wise we are at a stalemate until we progress further on the public IVF waiting list. At some point I need to call up the waiting list people and work out who is currently going through the system, based on when their referral was, and that should give us a guide as to how much longer we will need to wait. Our referral was put in September 2011, so hopefully they are up to 2011 referrals, which means (hopefully) that we will be seen sometime in 2013.

In weight-loss news, I have now lost 26kg, and my BMI is below 35 which is the cutoff point for adoption and access to the public IVF clinic! So great news for us, and I am feeling so good about everything. I can really notice the changes to my body, I feel healthier, and I know I made the right decision for me to go ahead with surgery.