Friday, 29 July 2011

Here we go again

We have started another IVF cycle, number 14, in the attempt to finally get to egg collection. Our doctor thinks it is unlikely that I can get to EPU using any protocol other than IVM, but considering only my old clinic does that protocol, I want to exhaust all options and attempts at my current clinic first.

Honestly, I am exhausted before we have even begun. We are trying a flare cycle this time which is different to what we have done before. I am using Lucrin for the first time from Day 2, and back to Gonal F after using Puregon the last couple of tries. However our FS has me on SUCH a low dose - 37.5! I think he will realise that this is way too low and up the dosage at some point. First blood test is next Tuesday, with my first scan likely to be next Friday.

We are crossing our fingers, that we make it to egg pick up, but you just don't know what is going to happen. I am hoping that, if things don’t go to plan, we may be able to convert to IUI (obviously that is if I am not over-stimulated or with a gazillion eggs). I just have a feeling that I will under-stimulate on such a low dose, and at least then IUI is an option. Who knows, it's really out of our hands.

In adoption news, my medical report went to the adoption GP and apparently that have some questions they want to ask. The only things that have changed from my last medical report which was accepted straight away, is weight gain over the last year (about 6 kg courtesy of cancelling the gym and fertility treatment), and finding out I have quite high cholesterol. Everything else they knew about last year, so hopefully it's a pretty simple answer they are looking for. (My Dr is already at me to start on cholesterol drugs, but I am trying to get my stats down through dietary measures first for three months). I will get a call on Tuesday when the Adoption Coordinator gets back in the office, to go through the questions the panel has for me. I just want to get these sorted out so we can actually sort the interview and assessment process!

I have a nice little cold after my darling husband had the 'man flu' all of last week. (Ladies, is man flu not the worst thing ever- men are such wusses!) Even though I'm unwell, we are heading into the city tonight for a concert at a club, (I know - a club!). One of my favourite artists, Marques Houston, is doing a one night show so I am forced to brave the wannabe gangstas-and-hoes of Perth to listen to some beautiful R&B music.

Friday, 22 July 2011


I have officially hit the quarter century milestone! Mid-20's, just wow. I feel... old. I know, i know, logically I am not old. But these last few years have been tough, and it just feels a little strange to hit this particular milestone.

We had plans to go out for dinner and a movie tnight but Murray has picked up the dreaded 'man flu', so my bestie picked up takeaway for us, and we watched le Tour de France rugged up in front of the heater, while getting plenty of cuddles from our puppies. Overall it was a really lovely day.

I guess onwards to 30 now - surely I can't be that old!!!!

Friday, 15 July 2011

Getting on

Our adoption application is back on track which I am really excited about. Because more than a year had passed since we initially submitted our adoption application, my medical report was out of date (these things take sooooooo long!). A couple of visits to the doctor, some blood tests and $140 later, my report is done and I sent it off yesterday to Adoption Services. Luckily I called up to let them know it was coming as they were about to send off all the reports to their doctor to review. They only send the reports once a month, so they have held off until Monday so that mine can go in the pile!

Once my report has been reviewed and I get the okay, then we pay our $750 application fee and start the assessment interview process! It feels like we have been doing this forever! It's been two years now since we went to our first adoption seminar.

We have also reached another milestone, although not one that is for celebrating. We have been trying to conceive for five years. Such a long time with so many ups and downs. We are doing quite well at the moment at least which is some consolation. We are off on our holiday in just 11 weeks which is mindblowing. We are also going to try one more IVF attempt in a couple of weeks, with the hope that we can avoid OHSS on a really low dose, and if I understimulate on the low dose, we can at least do an IUI, and have some shot.

Our main focus though is on getting our adoption application completed. The thought that we could become parents through adoption is really exciting, and we want to try and finish the process before the end of the year, if possible. The great thing about local adoption is that we can get placed within months, or it may take years - we don't know the timeframe. But the beauty is we are always in with a shot. Someone I know was placed with their child only three weeks after they were approved which is mindblowing! I'm not getting my hopes up too much, but we are both excited to follow this path as well.

Another exciting thing happened last week which has been occupying our time recently. Murray's sister had a little baby, their first, on June 29. William is the first grandchild for Murray's parents and is just beautiful. There have been a couple of twinges and maternal pangs, but we are really happy for them. Below is a photo from Murray's birthday on Tuesday- he loves his little nephew and it's difficult to get a cuddle when I'm competing with this little guy!

Uncle Murray and baby William

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Wordless Wednesday - 11 weeks to go

We will get to see the famed cliffs of Dover

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Wordless Wednesday - 12 weeks to go

We will walk the halls of Cambridge University