Thursday, 24 February 2011

Aussie Bloggers Conference

Something I am very excited about that is nearly upon us is the Aussie Bloggers Conference!!! Australia's version of Blog Her - we are finally getting a chance to meet with our fellow bloggers from around the country.

I will be flying over to Sydney mid-March to meet up with some of my gorgeous friends in the blogosphere, as well as hopefully making new friends with some of the fabulous bloggers in attendance.

I have to admit that I do feel a little intimidated about going. After all the target audience is the "mum, parenting and personal bloggers". I fit into the personal bloggers category sure, but aren't I the anti-Mum, anti-parenting blog? Plus all the other fears when meeting new people - will they like me, am I too fat or unfashionable, what if they don't like my blog? I guess we will find out come March!

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Recovery part 2

After feeling like I was nearly fully healed, I am back to being in pain. I went to a concert on Sunday evening and I think that may have exacerbated the pain that I am now feeling. It feels like a combination of the 'full ovaries' feeling before you go in for egg collection, along with the pain after your egg collection = Double whammy! It gets worse when I have anything in my bladder. Not sure if I shoould call the doctor to ask for advice? The only thing I can think of is that it is from doing to much running around on the weekend. Maybe? Who knows. Just hope it disappears soon.

Otherwise nothing much is happening. I am back at uni next week which is exciting. I have officially passed the half way mark in my degree, with 13 of 24 units now completed. I can't wait to one day be in my cap and gown, graduating! That is the main thing that keeps me going now. I'm studying two very different units this semester - organisational behaviour, and managerial accounting. Hopefully I can transition back to study mode easily enough.

Monday, 21 February 2011

Recovery & cooling off

A week on from my operation, and I am almost back to 100%. I had my stitches removed on Friday by my doctor, and the wound sites, while still sore, aren't debilitating like they were for the first couple of days. Over all I would say the operation was tougher than a normal egg collection, as you have both the cramps and pain from your ovaries on the inside, as well as the incision sites on the outside.

We had our group counselling session with P and his wife on Saturday. I think it went really well. Touched on a bunch of subjects from how much contact we would like with each other once a child is born, having our kids know each other and that they are related to each other etc. The first thing P said to us was that the possibility of us donating embryos back to them was just complicating the situation, and they want to treat this as a completely altruistic decision, without worrying about that situation. Their main concern appears to be that they wouldn't want the embryos destroyed, and if we decided that we no longer needed the embryos because we had finished our family, that we would donate the embryos to them or another couple. We are in complete agreement, we would never destroy embryos (our religious beliefs preclude it), and we are very comfortable with that. Having that all cleared up has really helped us move forward with the decision.

Murray & I both felt really positive coming out of the session. WA law requires us to wait for 3 months as a cooling-off period to make sure that both parties are still happy with the arrangement, and then we go back for another individual and joint counselling session on Saturday May 21st. So the countdown is on. If the worst happens, and P decides not to be our donor, then we still have access to the anonymous donor sperm that we were previously going to use. However our preferred option is to go with P.

We are planning to do an IVF cycle in May or June, finances depending. Things will be tight financially but this is important to us, so we will make it work. Once my body is healed completely from the procedure, I plan on getting back into some exercise, to get myself nice and strong for our next round of treatment. #twitfit seems to be all the range so I will jump on board!

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Ovarian Drilling

Happy Valentines Day to those who celebrate - I hope you all enjoyed a nice day with your significant other. Some people complain about Feb 14 being a 'Hallmark Holiday', or something that is overly commercialised and meaningless. I couldn't disagree more. I think Valentines Day is the same as any other day, but it reminds people to appreciate your partner, something which so often gets overlooked in the daily grind. It also gives men (and women) permission to be gooey and thoughtful which isn't always encouraged (especially for 'manly' men). I am lucky, I quite often get flowers 'just because', or a foot rub at the end of a long day, or taken out to dinner for some us time. Today was no exception - Murray bought me a beautiful bouquet of orange liliums which are now taking pride of place in my lounge room.

 Besides being Valentine's Day today, it was also surgery day. I was so nervous this morning, I worked myself into a fair state, getting only 2 hours sleep before we had to leave for the hospital. Once I was admitted to the day surgery wing, I spent some time with the anaesthetist preparing a plan for nausea, as I tend not to react well to general anaesthetics. There was a lot of waiting around, which gave me time to read my medical file, conveniently left at the end of my bed. I discovered that the anaesthetist for my surgery was the same one I had for my D&C back in 2009. I mentioned that to him later and he said that he was glad to be able to be helping me out today.

After I was wheeled into theatre, I had a quick chat with my Dr who was remarkably upbeat considering our history. He suggested that we do a dye test while I was under which I agreed to, and also asked him to have a good look around as I hadn't had a lap done previously. He was happy with that, so under the anaesthetists spell I went. (I forgot how painful the drugs are they put into your system - my arm was killing me!)

I woke up in recovery fairly well, although my eyes were blurry the whole time which was getting me a bit panicked. Once I got back to my room I slept for a fair while, and Murray brought me my gorgeous flowers (Isn't he a good man!). Unfortunately I started to get a lot of pain in my incisions, and after two hours of the pain, the nurses finally realised that they hadn't done my drip properly so I had no pain relief in my system - ouch! If I wasn't in so much pain, I think I would have had a few choice words to say!

Dr Thompson came past to bring good news. Apparently my pelvis is 'pristine' and my tubes are all clear which is positive news. The drilling went well and he even took some photos of what they were doing so I could see! He made three incisions, one in my belly button, and two along my bikini line (one centre, one left).
In the early afternoon, one of the nurses tried to get me to walk to the bathroom, but I got there and nearly passed with intense nausea and dizziness. Got back to bed and the shift change must have happened because the next nurse wanted to try the exact same thing only half an hour later. I don't think so! Later on I managed to walk to the bathroom with Murray being my human crutches, and passed the slightest bit of urine, which was good enough for the nurse to send me home. I felt very hurried, like I was being pushed out of the hospital as quickly as possible (the nurse grabbed my bag and clothes and started handing them to me to put on without asking or anything), so I made sure I pushed back until I felt ready to leave.

Since then, I have been lying on the couch, alternating between sleep and watching tv. The bikini line incisions don't hurt too bad except when I am trying to stand after sitting, but the belly button stitches hurt like nothing else. An intense stinging pain ALL THE TIME! I am only on paracetemol at the moment, I was given Nurofen Plus when we left the hospital, but I don't think I need the codeine, so will stick with panadol for the time being. Going to the toilet has been another unenjoyable experience! I got quite a shock wiping the first time to find myself blue courtesy of the tube dye!

So from here, I have to see my doctor in his rooms on Friday to have the bikini line stitches taken out. We had our known donor counselling on the weekend (another post coming - promise), and apparently we have to wait three months before we can proceed with that, which gives me some time to recover, get an idea of if my cycles will start to regulate by themselves, and possibly lose some weight. Looking at doing an IVF cycle in May/early June and then see where we go from there.

So it is done. For all my protests about doing the surgery, at least we are actively doing something to move forward. At worst, it is another thing we have tried and can check off our infertility list. And maybe it will do something for me. Who knows?

Monday, 14 February 2011

A visual aid courtesy of my Dr

My ovaries after the drilling

Off to surgery

I can't believe it is already Valentines Day. Or as it is known in my land - surgery day. Today I am being drilled. Or at least my ovaries are. Oh dear, I don't think I can write about this now, I am so freaking nervous about today, I cant bear it. No more blogging until it's over, otherwise I will just think of everything that can go wrong.. Just your prayers and thought please. Will try and update tonight on how I go.

Friday, 11 February 2011


I have been thinking a lot lately about what my dream home would look like. It all started when I was going through my usual Sunday morning routine - reading the new homes section of the paper. I was flicking through the different plans when one caught my eye. Often you will find a house plan that looks great in one area, but doesn't meet what you want in another area. Sacrifice the kitchen for the perfect bedroom layout? Amazing lounge room but tiny dining room? But I have found my (realistically priced) dream home.

And here it is...

Rear main bedroom, central kitchen, separate facilities for guests off the alfresco area. My heart melts...
Of course the most important thing is what you put in the house right?

 A girl can only dream...

Thursday, 10 February 2011

These are a few of my favourite things...

Oh and now I have that song stuck in my head. And probably in yours too. Sorry about that. Not really but anyway, moving right along.

Today I am being a lightweight. Rather than a proper update (which I swear will come soon), I am thinking about my favourite things - people, hobbies and just stuff in general that makes me happy.

My favourite bloggers
Lion Jumper
What have I stepped in?
Life of the Bees
Miss Ruby

My favourite things

 And with that, I am off to bed. Pleasant dreams all