Thursday, 5 May 2011

Not enough hours in the day

Do you ever feel like you are doing so much, but not really getting anyway? I'm having one of those weeks where I feel as if I am exhausting myself by doing everything but not actually achieving anything.

I have an overdue uni assignment sitting over my head that I KNOW will make me feel so much better once its done, but every time I have sat down to start it, my mind goes blank and can't do it. I have skipped one of my uni lectures because the thought of cramming more new knowledge in my head is intolerable. I haven't walked our dogs for nearly a week and they are climbing the walls as a result, adding to the pressure cooker.

Besides all of this though, I had a real breakthrough spiritually. Becoming a youth leader at my church has really given me the prompt I needed to refresh myself in my faith, which is a pretty amazing thing. Enough gushing about that, I am praying that this renewed faithfulness will spill out into the other parts of my life, because I do feel quite bogged down wiht everything else.

One of my friends questioned the other day whether or not she should stay in uni, and she had a whole range of valid reasons. Usually I would be the first person to say tough it out for the greater good, but you know, I think what is happening right now is just as important as what may happen in the future. I am contemplating dropping down to studying only one unit next semester rather than studying two like I have been for the last few years. Yes it means my degree will stretch out by an extra semester, but the added pressure is having an impact on my wellbeing. I would love to have just one day a week where I can come home, lounge on the couch, and not have to be somewhere or doing something. Spending time with my husband and dog-children would also be a significant bonus!

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  1. i think all of us need "downtime" so perhaps dropping down to only one unit next semester would be good for you - i have the opposite problem, i come home and have nothing to do lol!

    take it easy Bec and remember to make time for YOU.



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