Saturday, 14 May 2011

A new look

As you may have noticed (or may not have if you use RSS or google reader), my blog has had a complete overhaul. I have loved my scrapbook style for the last 18 months, but I felt like I needed something fresh and new, but also something a little simpler. I have to send a huge thank you to the beautiful Sass from Moozoo Designs who turned my vision into a reality.

The tree in my header is a representation of my life, seeing beauty in simple things, the different areas and branches of my life, all of the different colours. The solitary nature of the being a tree on it's own, yet still strong.

I took some inspiration from my favourite American and included a verse that inspires me, actually a bible verse that has kept me going for the last couple of years.
 You can also grab my blog badge, or contact me with my new social media badges - look how pretty they are! Not sure I will keep my followers listing up though. Don't get me wrong I totally heart all of my followers, and want lots more, but I always feel it is a bit of a competition, and would rather not let myself get distracted by that. I blog for me, not for numbers, but you knew that already.

I forgot how uplifting a makeover can be! My tip for the day - go and do something different. Pop some lippy on, try a new hairstyle, go out for dinner, have a picnic in your backyard - get out of your comfort zone! You might surprise yourself with how good you will feel afterwards. I am off to bask in this new found happiness, and going for a late night waffle run with Murray - Happy weekend everyone!


  1. LOVE the new blog look Bec! totally suits you, really brings out the colour in your eyes ;-)

    LOVE how upbeat this post is and how happy you sound.



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