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  1. Hi Rebecca,

    My name is Erin Dennis and I stubled upon your blog via facebook. I am the mother os 2 sons here on earth and 1 daughter who grew wings and became my angel in Heaven. At Aubrey's birth everything seemed find and my doctor went ahead with my wishes and tied my tubes therefor preventing future pregnancies. 11 days later my world crashed when my beautiful baby left this earth. With empty arms and a broken heart we started along our own journey of infertility. I had my tubes untied in January 2008 but the surgery was not successful and left me with only 1 fallopion tube that is only open 5 to 10 percent and leaves me succeptable to ectopic pregnancies.

    I write you to tell you that, though our stories are not the same, I understand your struggle and want to thank you for being so open about everything. You are inspiring and I wish you and your husband the best of luck.


    Erin D.

  2. I'm in the same boat you are!!! Two tries and no success. I've been stumping the fertility specialist as to why it's not working. I have stage 4 endometriosis so my tubes are closed due to scar tissue. Inside of my uterus is okay for implantation. The daily injections make my hormone levels perfect for getting pregnant, but it's not working. Hopefully the next try!!! Such a roller coaster.

  3. Hi,
    I found your blog through Facebook. My husband and I have been married since November 8, 2003 and we've been trying to have children since 2007. In 2008 we started seeing an infertility specialist.

    We went through countless IUI's resulting in one biochemical pregnancy in July 2008. We decided to go for IVF and they retrieved 46 eggs from me, 34 of them fertilized leaving me w/ 13 embryos. We did one fresh transfer on day 5 and one frozen transfer the next cycle. The last cycle was in October and I decided w/ the holidays to take a break and work on me.

    I am overweight and I too have PCOS w/ abnormal cycles. I plan on going back for a 3rd transfer soon and I hope to be successful.

    Infertility/Fertility is a long journey, one that I didn't expect to be THIS long. I had an ectopic pregnancy last April which was the worst thing I've ever experienced but thankfully my tubes remain intact since the embryo was growing outside of the tube.

    They were just not meant to be, and I hope that this is in God's plan for me. Motherhood is something that I feel should be part of the plan.

    I wish you nothing but the best in your journey for motherhood. I'm glad that I stumbled upon this blog.

    Good Luck!

  4. Hi Rebecca --
    I also found your website thru facebook. My name is Mindy and my husband and I have been married since 2002. We have been trying for a baby for 6 1/2 years and just started seeing a fertility specialist this past year. Money is definitely a factor for us because our insurance doesn't pay for anything and treatments are very expensive. I had two cycles of IUI done in mid 2009. The first one didn't really look good, so they weren't that optimistic about it. The second one, they tried to cancel, because they said that my estrogen level was beyond their "comfort zone" and that I had a very high chance of having up to 7 babies. My husband and I discussed this and pleaded with the doctor to continue, because at this point, we would take as many as God would give us. It too was unsuccessful. The thing that I find the most frustrating is they can't even really give me a reason why I am not getting pregnant. The only thing that could be a possibility is the fact that my husband has a low number of normal sperm. They have given us the opportunity to go thru with IVF so that they can actually take what he gives them and fertilize the eggs personally, which they feel will give us a much better chance for success. However, we have come to a halt because we have no means to pay for these procedures. This has been an extreme roller coaster of emotions for me. I have had the dream of being a mother since I was small and this is absolutely devistating to me. I wish you all the luck in your future endeavors, as well as continue to pray for the day that I can have a baby of my own and not just watch everyelse from the sidelines.
    Good luck - Mindy C.

  5. hello rebecca ! my name is anna . i found you through facebook . my husband , andrew and i have been married since april 2008 . we have been ttc since july 2008 . in may 2009 i was diagnoised with pcos and type 2 diabetes . in october 2009 i was given the go ahead to ttc again after losing 15 lbs and bring my sugar levels down . also we were given the go ahead to stop birth control . so its been 2 and a half month and my period just came back this week . i have read quite a few of your blogs already and even though i am just starting out on this journey i will add you to my prayers . i also have another friend from australia named rebecca too , and she too is ttc and has pcos also . good luck . it will happen for you .

  6. Hey Rebecca...

    I love when so many people come together with one common conceive. I am just starting IVF, waiting for my period to arrive so we can start the meds...going to be on a long protocol (whatever that means)and hoping to grow lots and lots of eggs (if only they came in a carton like the ones in the store)...Wanted to reach out and hopefully expand on my support network...I have been blogging as well about our journey and wanted to share it with you.. Our website is:

    Hope to talk to you soon!

    Adding your blog to my blogroll!

  7. Hey Rebecca
    I love your blog. I too have been living the infertility rollcoaster over the last 9 years. As my friends & family continue to breed around me, I was feeling like I was the only one dealing with this. Then I started checking out the web and stumbled across your blog, which I now follow. Sometimes in our own corner of the world you feel like you are alone so it is such a great reassurance that there was other people dealing with the same struggles. I too have just started my own blog to help me deal with my emotions/thoughts about my journey.

    Wishing you the best.

  8. Dear Rebecca,
    I bawled reading your blogs. So much of what you write i have been through, right up to the money problems due to trying. I also live in the southern suburbs of perth. Im 22 and my husband is 26, we are also looking at adoption and i have just been diagnosed with depression and an anxiety disorder which is in large part of my feelings of inadequacey as a woman, when all of my girlfriends have there first children and have started for there second. I also have a massive attachment to my dogs whom i wouldnt survive without! i just wanted to say that i only stumbled accross your blog but its really helped me. and that you have such courage writing this so the whole world can see, icant even write it to myself.
    Elle Beazley

  9. Dear Rebecca,i was surfing the net about fertility issues and stepped on your site...
    i m a pharmacist and very educated about reproductive endocrinology and fertility issues, especialy once i and my husband experience also infertility for the last 2.5 years..our story is shorter than yours, but still very fraustrating and disappointing..-i have conclude,the fertility center and the FS are the most important and ofcourse there is a lot of experimentation of the doctors with treatment and procedures etc..for example i m very surpised to see at your site that your FET tries included only 1 embryo..usually they recommend 3-4 balst transfers..since the thawing procedure reduces a lot the cahnces of implantation..-then,some specific protocol modifications individualised to each patient and not just given,makes a huge difference..and i ve known people who after a first ivf cycle failure,changed the stimulation protocol and the response was better and succeeded to pregnancy..-if the only problem is your husbands low motility,dont give up..i ve known people with tons of issues from both sides that succeeded..keep trying and chane centers..-as i know how expensive the ivfs are here,we have been once in a center in us,one in barbados and now i found the best center i greece..not just an FS,but a whole team of them in one of the biggest obgyn hospitals in athens..-we are planning the ivf#2 fresh cycle this april 2011..after failed once ivf and a fet cycle and once /clomid iui..
    if you would like more info or to talk, my e-mail:
    wish you all the best and please dont give up..miracles happen...there is just a different timming for each one..

  10. Hi Rebecca,
    Thank-you for your honesty. I have been dealing with infertility for over three years. I too, thought that once i came off the pill, I would conceive....just like all my girlfriends. Most of them are up to child number 2 and 3!!
    I am soo scared of IVF (our only choice) but more scared of a future without children and the failure we may have during this process. I was declined from IVF 2 years ago due to an un-diagnosed thyroid condition that has taken me the best part of two years to manage and control.
    I struggle with depression and anxiety issues and am worried that IVF will only exacerbate my condition. I am due to start treatment in the next months and am now deliberating about commencement.
    You are a brave woman and I wish you and your husband all the best in your journey.

  11. Hey Bec n Murray..I have no idea how I ended up on this site..I searched for something and here I am. I am in no way religious but find myself absolutely amazed and so humbled by reading your blog...I take the whole family thing for granted - never ever questioned how lucky I am in that regard until I read the struggle you both find yourself in. It is what it is..but I firmly believe that good people like yourselves will ultimately become great parents...I wish you well, if only I could do more...


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