Sunday, 16 November 2008

About Me

Hi, My name is Rebecca and I am 30 years old. In November 2005, I married my husband Murray. I mention that first because my marriage is the most important thing in my life - Murray and I dote on each other and have been through a lot in our thirteen years together.

We live in Perth, Western Australia with our dog Charlie. We love cuddling up in bed with him and heading to the dog park to play with other furry friends.

We love to travel. So far we have managed to get to Asia (Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore) as well as Fiji, with lots of trips around Australia too. We were very lucky to go to Europe in 2011 and again in 2014, visiting France, Germany, England and Holland. Our Netherlands trip was very special to me as I got to learn more about my Dutch heritage.

My life goal, besides having a happy marriage, is to be a mother. This blog is about our journey to becoming parents. After 10 year of IVF, we were blessed to be placed with a beautiful boy through local adoption. J has changed our world completely.

My blog is my place where I get to let out all of my emotions, express how I am feeling at that particular moment in time. Sometimes I ask for advice, sometimes I am the educator, but for the most part, it is just me, opening my heart to what is going on in my life.

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